Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Mar 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

You might be feeling a little down, now that the presents are unwrapped, and the holiday celebrations are winding down. Maybe your family gathering resulted in hurtful words being exchanged or you received harsh criticism from a loved one. Or maybe you are feeling the pressure of making resolutions that stick in the new year to come.

You are not alone. Depression, anxiety, and stress are very common this time of year. There are lots of reasons why people experience holiday blues. One contributing factor may be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) caused by the decrease in sunlight during the winter months. 

 SAD can occur beginning in the fall and continue through the winter.

To remedy this, you can purchase special lights or a lightbox that simulates sunlight.  Some of them even combine ion therapy, which clinical studies have shown to provide an antidepressant effect.

 If you are concerned that it’s more than just the “Holiday Blues” you should seek professional support.  Some symptoms to watch for:

  • Prolonged Sadness, with or without Tears

  • Not Sleeping Well or Sleeping too Much

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Excessive fatigue

If you have these symptoms, especially if they are prolonged and/or intense, then you should seek professional support.

I have developed a brain integration technique that is particularly effective for depression, anxiety and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

One of my clients (Billy, a 15-year-old boy) was sent to me after his grades had fallen.  He used to be an honor student, full of life and possibility.  This changed when his dog was hit by a car and killed – right in front of him.  Because of this, he had been suffering from a sense of guilt and responsibility for two years.

After only three sessions with me, he regained his confidence and his grades improved. We were able to release his traumatic memory of his dog’s death and now he’s looking forward to a bright future.

The best thing about this technique is that it can be applied in person or virtually.  I have even applied this technique successfully, to someone who lives in Manila, Philippines.

Don’t let the holiday blues and past trauma get the best of you. Seek help if you need to and remember to practice self-care during the holidays. It is just as important to bring joy and happiness to your life as it is to share it with others.

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