Follow your inner path to pursue your own unique potential and life purpose

Follow your inner path to pursue your own unique potential and life purpose

Psychotherapy and Relationship Counseling

Dr Michiyo’s work is eclectic and utilizes different modalities
and approaches.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Learning to correct our thinking and behavioral patterns to create more positive actions in our lives.
  • Couples and Family Relationship Work – Learning communication skills that are more peaceful, loving, gentle, and empathetic in all areas of human relationships.
  • Depth psychology – A psychotherapeutic approach utilizing what is being taught in literature and other types of artistic expressions such as visual/audio art, folktales, poetry, novels, music, and movies.
  • Positive psychology – A method of perceptual changes from a negative to a positive outlook.
  • Psychodynamic therapy – Looks into each individual’s unique life experiences that occurred between parents and their children in order to make positive life changes.
  • Trauma Healing Method called Neuro Bi-lateral Processing (NBP)™ – This is a quick and effective healing technique that Dr Michiyo developed to help people to overcome painful experiences and regain their true strength and capacity. Learn More
  • Dream analysis – Looks into dream images that communicate guidance from our souls’ creative energy that each of us uniquely possess.
  • Guided meditation – This gentle meditation that follows verbal guidance to reach the state of relaxation, calmness, gratitude and happiness.
  • Yogic breathwork – This yogic breathwork is effective ways to positively change our emotional states such as anxiety, depression, and negative thought patterns.
  • Zen philosophy – This is an approach to life that promotes human development based on the stages of nature’s changing qualities.

Life and Professional Coaching

Dr Michiyo Speaking on Stage
Dr. Michiyo offers a wide range of services for those seeking to break free from limiting beliefs and embrace their best life.
  • Money and wealth consciousness
  • Time and stress management
  • Zen based lifestyle changes
  • Professional goal setting
  • Success empowerment
  • Quest for purpose
  • Spiritual guidance

Groups & Workshops

Dr Michiyo with Group inside of tee pee

Dr. Michiyo hosts a variety of workshops, courses, and group discussions*.

NBP Certification Training

Neuro Bi-Lateral Processing Training

Neuro Bi-lateral Processing (NBP)™ is Dr. Michiyo’s trademarked technique in engaging both the left and right brain in the processing of traumatic memories.

NBP combines techniques from complex disciplines including yogic breathing, visualization, EFT “Tapping”, EMDR, and integrating the different parts of the brain.

Dr. Michiyo has been using NBP in practice for the past 8 years to treat trauma and has a 99.9% success rate with her own clients.

Contact [email protected] for the latest topics and session schedules.


Self Esteem

Do you know that your income level equates with what you value and what
you believe?

Build your self-esteem, self-value, and self-love that changes
your whole life!

Raise your identity as you discuss the importance of your
existence as a human being. We will all support each other so
that each one of us realizes how perception of yourself can
change your life to create a more meaningful, purposeful life for yourself and others.

Join us* and start your journey of self-loving, self-affirming, and enriched life.

Purpose Discovery

hand holding a compass

What if you were able to find your life purpose while others just live their lives day to day?

Your life could be more exciting, focused and satisfying.

Join this discussion group* with people who are aspiring to find their unique purpose in life.

Contact [email protected] for the latest topics and session schedules.

Resilience Raising

Resilience - Be the champion of your life

Do you want to achieve beyond your dreams?

The most important trait that leads to success in life and business is resilience – the ability to pick yourself up, regroup, and keep on going for your target.

Join the group* and strengthen your resilience to be the champion of your own life.

Annual Vision Board Workshop

Vision board images

Your dream life is just a few snips away!

You are invited to attend Dr. Michiyo’s FREE annual event:

  • A creative, fun and free event for friends and family

  • Create a board for yourself, as a family, as a couple or for a group.

  • Hosted online* – join from the comfort of your own home

  • All you need are scissors, glue, magazines and poster board

  • Don’t forget the healthy snacks!

*Workshops and Group Sessions are all hosted virtually at this time.

Contact [email protected] for the latest topics and session schedules.

Contact [email protected]

for the latest topics and session schedules.

Text or Call (925) 389-8233

Workshops and Sessions are all hosted virtually at this time.

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