What Is An Empowerment Coach?

Mar 16, 2023 | Uncategorized

Achieving a Fulfilling Life

The major difference between artificial intelligence and humans is that we as humans are alive, creative, and evolving entities. Our sense of “self” is not a stagnant thing—it is constantly evolving as we learn and grow. It is a life-long journey and we are all on the path to develop into our unique, authentic, true self. 

This quest for the best possible state of being as a human has been one of the greatest interests among humanity for centuries. For example, the term Buddha is often synonymous with an awakened or enlightened individual. It does not necessarily refer to the one person who is best known to be Siddhartha Gotama, a teacher in achieving peace and fulfillment in life in ancient India. 

Up until recent times, most people were illiterate in many societies. Teachings had to occur through visual representations and analogies. People used visual images like a blooming lotus flower to teach the concept of human emotional maturity and achieving enlightenment. 

Buddha on a Lotus

To illustrate this, I’m choosing the Buddha’s representation at a temple called Sanjusangendo in Kyoto, Japan.  

It is a temple approximately 139 yards or 118 meters long and houses 1,001 Buddha statues. In many Asian countries, 1,001 is a symbolic number that represents “many”. That means that anyone can become a Buddha or an enlightened one.  

You might be wondering why this is important, and why are these Buddhas on lotus flowers? It is because they have reached the flowering stage of life, reaching full emotional maturity or an enlightened state.  

Lotus roots grow in the mud, in the darkness. Their tubular roots contain both air as well as solid material (representing duality or a pair of opposites like a Ying yang symbol). This combination of air and the solid part of the roots represents reaching the state of non-duality or an integrated state of being. Where each root connects to another root, stems grow.   

These stems produce leaves and flower buds, representing growth and human connectedness. We grow as humans through relationships or connecting with other people. The stems grow through the muddy water representing an unclear or conflicting state of being.  

Finally, the leaves and flowers open above the water and in the light, representing enlightened beings  with an understanding of unity or non-duality, and compassion for the people in the world who are still  in a wounded and or conflicting state. Each of the many flower petals represents the integration of different facets of a human life.  

Bringing This Philosophy To Modern Day

Research psychologists who studied human development discovered that people who are at full emotional maturity value beauty, justice, and love. This matches the human developmental stages and I believe that most religious teachings can agree with these ideas. Heaven and hell are both psychological states. 

This is why I consider myself an Empowerment Coach. I strive to help clients develop as a human being and to flourish like the lotus. My hope is that you are not just learning the techniques, but working knowledge that will help you on your journey to your true, authentic self. 

If you are interested in achieving your authentic self, contact me for a free consultation on how I can assist you in your goals.